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Simulate RX by cell phone.

We know that every day we discover apps with different purposes, simulate RX by cell phone is one of them.

Apps have become a powerful entertainment tool and can provide us with a certain ease with everyday tasks, as well as a lot of fun and laughter.

One of them in particular has aroused a certain interest by users, Simulate RX by cell phone can perform this task on different parts of the human body.

For example: legs, belly, hands, skull, face bones, leg, teeth, among others.

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Certainly using applications, through some editing it is possible to make the image very real.

Appearing also to facilitate the routine of doctors and students, presenting details that appear throughout the cavity and bones.

With these possibilities, the user will be able to add effects that look very real and perform different pranks among his friends and family.

See the options listed below.

Simulate RX by cell phone.

Xray Scanner Prank.

Available to operating system users android and iPhone(iOS) , you will be able to observe several images of body parts through your cell phone.

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The simulator provides images of limbs such as the torso, head and hands, but which are obviously not true.

Tool programmed for entertainment purposes only.

Parasites Xray Scanner Prank.

Introducing a fun way to do this simulation, when starting the X-ray the platform shows images of some possible parasites that are inhabiting your body.

Parasites in your stomach, ultrasound of the body with worms, viruses and germs shocking even the bravest.

Making the game a little scarier, with options to play the funniest pranks on your friends by sharing the images on your social networks or chat app.

Available to operating system users android and iPhone(iOS).

X-Ray Scanner simulator.

Accessing the cell phone camera directing it to a certain part of the body, the user will be able to visualize the images with all the details.

You can even add accessories like nails and spiders to personalize and play all your creativity in the image, making it funnier and more bizarre as possible.

Not being a real x-ray scanner, it is designed for pranks and entertainment only.

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RX- Radiographic Positioning.

Specially created for students, technicians, graduates and also those who are interested in the Radiology this app allows the study of the entire human body.

Becoming a great option to study the different parts of the body in an intuitive and pleasant way, taking into account several technical factors that must be used.

– Position of the patient – used chassis – Limit focus distance – Central Radius – Utility - Quality control.

With this, the user only needs to choose the section of the body that he intends to study and dedicate himself to.

Highly rated among its numerous followers with 4.8 out of 5 stars is available to users of the system iPhone(iOS) .

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Application aims to bring information about exposure to radiation that is present in CT scans and radiographs.

This exposure has been associated with the cancer risk.

In a simple and very explanatory way, making it easier for everyone to understand this topic.

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Option available to users of iPhone(iOS) free of charge.